Thursday, January 11, 2007

Those of you know me know I say "I don't have bad luck I take the scenic route" well again the scenic route has struck again. Our furnace has not worked for three or four years my husband has tried on and off to get it to work but it fails to go and blows the breaker and out goes the pilot light. (propane furnace) We always put it off of course we always seem ready to fix it around Christmas time. So finally I phone the fixer people and a week later still I have not heard from them so I phone someone else they are here in two hours and go turn on the propane and guess what it lights beautifully nothing wrong with it. So he decides to go over it and check it and ask me when did we last have it maintained well never, I told him "we don't go looking for trouble"... Why rock the boat. So after he tells me off about that, he finds a problem quite an important one with a coil copper wire that sits in the flame and open and closes something as a safety device it shuts down. Honestly I didn't really care as long as it was fixed quick they charge by the hour.
So tonight we go to track and field and hockey it is already at -20 and the truck heater is not working. Now I am over paranoid so I usually leave the window open a bit in the truck but I thought this is silly it is too cold so I locked the truck and I ran back into the school and came out an hour later. The truck would not no matter what we did un-lock, everyone was leaving and the last two trucks pulled out they were my middles son's assistant coach and another dad from his hockey team they came back and tried to help they could not fix it, we phoned my husband woke him and he told us what to do ...Nope nothing. So the one man is new in town and owns the only car dealer ship we have he phones his tow truck worker and we wait and nope he can't get in either, 40 minutes later they get it.
Thank God for these men with no hats and no gloves. My children and I would still be at the school with no way to get in the truck, my other son was waiting at the arena with no ride. Now on top of feeling, dumb cold and I don't really know these people other than to say hi to.
My van is in the repair shop getting fixed for two days and it is not his repair shop...Guilt ...Guilt...Guilt. WELCOME TO MY SCENIC ROUTE!
Now during all this my youngest daughter was not in a proper coat she said she had one but it was a thin nylon jacket for summer, a lesson well learned and my lovely winter gloves were locked in the truck.

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