Sunday, January 07, 2007

It is amazing how fast the days go by already Sunday evening and school starts tomorrow and I am so not a school lover. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Lunches, homework, nasty girls, teachers I hate it all. I could live in Holiday Mode all year long and I also hate to share my kids. It has been so wonderful having them home...Sigh
I worked outside all weekend trying to figure out the moisture problem in the rabbit house so I hope what I have done will work.
I bought my middle daughter a new lap top on Sat. She is having fun figuring it out. She also will get her glasses on Monday afternoon we have put off buying them because this will be her third pair and she is yet to be able to wear any of the previous pairs.
My middle son "got a goal, did a good hit and laid someone out" that was the phone call we got today. A Mother could not be prouder:) My oldest son came first in every game in his tournament but they lost in the final game. Both boys are on route home now. My middle daughter time keeped (not sure if that is a real word or slang) for 3 hours on Sat. 3 hours on Sunday and she did not get paid so we will see if someone pays her my the end of the month.
Today was a very warm day a lot of ice melted it will be interesting to see if it gets as cold as the weather man is telling us will happen. Have a nice night.

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