Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Have you ever noticed when you are dealing with something like... me I am transplanting strawberries many, many, many strawberries. I am running into strawberry things everywhere in magazines, in recipes, on clothing everyday more and more strawberries. All day for the last three days I have been hauling wheel barrel after wheel barrel of dirt now planting strawberries. It would have been a lot simpler to load the tractor and go but this stubborn streak in me makes me work hard and hard work keeps you from get a big behind. That same stubborn streak makes me walk back and forth all day long instead of riding this very cool pink scooter my husband bought me sometimes I wonder about myself.
Tonight was my youngest son's hockey party what a wonderful time the children had the coach's wives did an amazing job putting together a DVD with great hockey music, put the kids pictures on a hockey puck plus Tim Hortens brought them medals and gigantic posters of Sydney Crosby all very cool.

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