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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Have you heard of the "The Secret" go find it watch it, read it, learn it and achieve it. A lot of it we know, a lot of it we hear all the time, but we must live it. I watched it today on a DVD I bought from Chapters with a gift certificate I got for Christmas. Now I must figure how to make it work for me.
The last few posts I have been to tired to write so I thought I would take the time now before I go out and feed "baby" the little calf we are bottle feeding. He is such a love! It is a little cool out today it froze to -5 but the bonus to that is my husband is still working and the longer he can haul the better for us.
I am in the mood to do a little scrap booking I think I will first put our Christmas photo's in for 2006 and then start a scrap book on Sunflower Farm. Everyone should put together photo albums, scrap books it is a wonderful thing to look back on. However you choose to do, DO IT. I promise you you will not regret it for one minute we have several it is not hard work don't let it over whelm you start simple... but start. If you celebrate a holiday or an occasion start there or get newspapers, magazines and start a scrap book of what appeals to you.
I will write again soon I am off to do a head count, think positive, or actually just head out and wake up I can not be in the house in the afternoon it makes me sleepy.

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