Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's funny how I haven't posted since Sunday I wonder where I've been? The days just fly by I have been working outside like I am getting paid. The kids are all back in school they seem okay with it a couple didn't look to well this morning so we will see if I get any phone calls.
The weather has been horrible cold and windy it is still well below freezing this morning and there is only one way to describe that "it sucks" I quote form my children.
In my oldest son's tournament this weekend he won MVP first game and then all star player for the tournament he won a medal, a lovely trophy and a hockey jersey. He was pretty excited and then he came on quite late Sunday night to a phone from a Junior B hockey team who has invited him to try out in August. I am not sure how I feel about that but I will just take it as it comes. I am excited about it for him but I want him to stay in town and graduate. Since he was late getting home from the hockey tournament we missed the french meeting but I find it absolutely impossible to be everywhere at once and I can't leave the little kids all the time my husband was leaving for work and my oldest daughter was not home to watch them either. We however were not the only people who missed the meeting we heard there was only 7 kids there and it was still Spring break.
What is on my agenda today I am not sure I would like to order Sun and warmer weather but we will have to see. Anyway I must get out and start the day I am slacking.

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Silk said...

Congrats Number one Son, Mrs. K