Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Good Friday what a great start to a holiday weekend. We have been busy our living room is painted and finished fireplace mantel door and little cupboard is all painted and we put down new flooring in front of the entrance door it all looks really well. The yard is all clean fish swimming in the pond, grass nicely mowed all ready for Easter bunny. The front yard looks awesome It transplanted some Virginia creeper, shrubs and Honey suckle from the barn to the front yard. We took the winter manure and mess piles up to the compost with the tractor. It is looking lovely.
The children and my husband our watching Happy feet and the laughing coming from the other room is very loud so it must be a good show.
We have the goat, sheep, lambs and kids loaded and my husband will head off to the auction in the morning. I will take my oldest daughter to ref soccer and then to driving lessons.
At the barn we burned the old hay and pine cones we had many little fires going in the night one of the little lambs must have tried to sleep on the piles of ashes and he singed the wool on his leg he didn't burn himself but it was very funny. This year the lambs are so bad and some of them are already mean and bunting us which is a first so I guess they take after the dad. Well I am off to read my 'spin off magazine it just came in the mail. Have a wonderful Easter and I hope the Easter Bunny finds all of you.

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