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Monday, April 09, 2007

What a wonderful busy Easter weekend I think we need a day to get over our holiday. We enjoyed our time had a wiener roast, gardened, played, looked for the rabbit. On Easter Sunday we had 17 people for supper we ate turkey, potatoes, carrots, roast beef, bread buns, Caesar salad, juice fountain, apple pies, chocolate cake, vanilla cake and lots and lots of chocolate.
In between cooking looking for the bunny I had to go out and clean the barn (which was awful) because the sheep shearer phoned and is coming on Monday. That was so not in my plans but it is done he will be back within the month to finish. I have to go with when the neighbor hood does their sheep so I don't have too much say we just do them when he is in town. So today we sheared sheep goats and alpaca's then did some hoofs, dewormed a few and then I spent the rest of the day cleaning a pen for our billy goat. I swear if I see another pine cone pine needle I will scream. so I am not working tomorrow other than chores that is it. I have been working for two months straight and I feel very tired however I bet I forget I would like to start on my kitchen now. Well I am off to find some tea, have a wonderful night.

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