Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This morning we woke up to -11 very cold but the day warmed up beautifully not that I went outside much I am painting my kitchen. I like it but non of my ungrateful family like it but they will get over it. Quite exciting this painting thing I really have never painted a home before I actually hate painting but like the end result and I will be glad when it is done. My garden is calling me and so is the sunshine.
When I had my sheep and angora goats in the barn ready to get sheared they looked so lovely all the different shades of white, I am going to put them back in just to take their photo.
I just finished watching the Secret Garden it is a very lovely show so pretty and very cool music if you haven't watched it go and rent it I know you will like it. Well of to bed talk to you all soon.

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