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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I just finished the first coat of paint on the kid's bathroom it is a blue called "chillin" not really my colour but my middle son wanted something baby blue so blue it is. I think it will be okay if I go the other colour either cream or white.
Today was only a half day for the school children so it was nice to have some of them home earlier the oldest two went to watch rugby. My husband and middle son left at 4pm and are traveling all night to Saskatoon it is a very long trip and I am so glad it is not me going. I can't travel I was homesick and I didn't even get on the bus. I truly get homesick I get this real lonely feeling a despair feeling that I just want it to go away, it is right in the pit of my stomach. I absolutely hate the thought of going away. I can handle day trips of shopping or sight seeing but even then when I approach home I get this really anxious feeling WEIRD yeah I know.
Well I must go to bed long day tommorrow it is the start of the soccer tournament.

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