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Sunday, June 01, 2008

All about ME!!!!

I have finally found pictures of me can you tell how much fun I had and can you tell I am wearing the same clothes over and over... really it was not so bad however when I look at some of our pictures there is definitely some sweaters I will not wear any more they make me look fat and unflattering those wrap around sweaters with a tie. I thought they would be nice.
Here I am on a the Bernina Express what a wonderful day for a birthday. I do feel special the only thing better is if I could do it again.
See the Mountains in the back they are the wonderful Swiss Alps . I really loved them I also love the Austria Alps. I will go back one day. See the grid I was standing I could not look down it made me very dizzy. Up here in this wonderful mountain I bought one of my three walking sticks this one has a compass on it.

We found some lovely little flowers that we carefully tip toed into for a quick picture.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Gig,You look most photogenic! Being Thin helps!
Plus trying to roll one shoulder forward, one foot forward, one hip and tuck & roll your chin forward too. then suck in your tummy and Boobs out!

i guarantee excellent results!
Love Sal