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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice

What a fun day we had we went to town this morning bought our snacks for our day picked up kids and brought friends home.
We went for a drive up past the dam today it was dreary and wet but we do love it. We saw so many wild animals the first thing that happened my youngest daughter stepped on a snake... we saw baby kill deer swimming to their mom's which we thought was very clever of them. We saw dragon flies something swimming in the water very fast but you could not see what it was we think it was a snake.

We saw a young bear it was brown in colour my oldest son is convinced it was a Grizzly we could not get a picture because it was startled and ran and I was worried where his Mama was.
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Anonymous said...

Ummmm....NOWHERE did you mention the name of that cute fury little four legged creature! Or WHOSE it is!