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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today was a full day of working out side I seemed to get a lot done. I cleaned , sorted arranged and I am quite happy with my yard. However the wind will not quit howling it has blown for months and it was so cold this morning we put the heat on it the van to go to the school bus. Tomorrow is the last day of school. Thank Goodness!
Today my oldest son went and picked up my youngest two children after school and when he got home with them my youngest boy had bad stomach ache he has been sad all afternoon and evening he slept for 4 hours woke up for a couple then went back to sleep again. Not sure what is up. He brought home his grade 4 swimming lesson papers and he passed and if we were to put him into swimming lessons he would go to level 7. On the paper it Sam you made it look easy!

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Anonymous said...

Loved all the pics. Both you & Hya have long hair. Hya needs a trim but you stay away from scissors!
Koa loved all the pics of the kids and the wee little pic of Big Grampa. Could you please post more pics of Big Grampa for Koa. And some of Oma too!