Saturday, June 14, 2008

We saw these large mushrooms on our drive the other day. They were like gigantic puff balls but more solid inside.
Our cell phone worked from here.
I did not go to the knitting day I was quite busy at home we can only leave the irrigation on the field for three hours then it has to be moved the grass is still young and too much water will flatten it. I also got my porch finished and painted the church pew. I am trying to catch up on unfinished jobs but then I get a great inspiration and start a new project sigh.... that what happens to a person who can't sit still. I had a wonderful very quick visit with my niece I sure wish she lived closer but 15 minutes is better than nothing.
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Anonymous said...

Oh Gig, I had a lovely visit with you as well. It was nice to finally see all your hard work in person. Your yard looked absolutely beautiful, it was like stepping into a different land, very lush and green. I loved walking under your trees that hang over the walk way, I felt like I was in a dream. Your house renos looked great and of course visiting the barn in my heels was much needed. I feel at home out there, minus the heels. ;-)
Thanks for the short but sweet visit. And thank you to the girls for helping me this weekend! We had a blast with them!
Miss you lots. Getting excited to live closer to you.
Love Mandy