Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Today has been along day it was so cold this morning. I sure not liking these cold days I need warmth!!! I took my daughter in early this morning for her drama play then did a few things in town. We finished the floor in our glass room it looks so nice however I do think my husband is sick of me right now he is putting together a desk I have had for quite awhile. I guess you can tell still now work over two months now no work, no pay cheque crazy! We leveled out some dirt and put down the gravel and my front yard is finished for the moment I will never be really finished there is always stuff to do. I have to put the glass room back together and get everything off the deck by the weekend that should be done it will depend on how much time I get I have to volunteer at the school Thursday, plus one son is in Van. and one at fire base training so I am not sure how all that will affect my time. I was so cold tonight I never went out after supper or for a walk we ate late 6:30 and soccer was cancelled. I spent my night sewing our deck cover and brain washing my children about getting into the wrong crowd, knowing right from wrong. I always sue stories to our best interest but by the time I was finished I think we were all quite sad. Life can be so hard I just pray my kids will make good choices an that we have taught them well and also that we have been good role models. I can actually make myself sick with worry over them I wish they could all live in a safe bubble when they were little we watched over them like Hawks keeping them safe but at the same time I think they had fun growing up but now with two graduated it makes me want to cry one wants to go to Lumby for the weekend it is such a long drive and for what a damn party not that she drinks or a trouble maker but it is all the what ifs. My son wants to drive all the time his truck is old and he wants to jump out of helicopters, it is his friends birthday and wants to have a party. My one daughter has to go to a court case as a witness that makes me sick. I am not sure about my one daughters friends some of them act way too grown up and she starts middle school next year which is a long two years and home schooling always looks better for 7 and 8. My one son is heading to the high school and he has struggles with school work and he told me to day he know a lot of his friends do drugs... then my youngest son is riding motor cycles, jumps bikes over hill, dirt rocks... he wants to be a goalie and he is off on a long drive tomorrow to meet the Goalie from Montreal Canadians. Hmmm even though I worry sick over all of this and trust me it is just a sliver of our life I usually let them do it all and I climb into my bubble:) and my husband just takes it all in strides. this is long so if it is not written properly you will just have to ignore it because I am off to bed.

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