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Monday, June 09, 2008

My goodness it is cold again tonight I am wondering if it will ever warm up. Today was a very full busy day my day started before 6am with my mind racing what day is , who is where, what are the kids doing, who is home and who is not, and what am I suppose to be doing all within a matter of seconds. Then I remembered school so I got up ran and checked the goats let my dad's dog off and then came in to wake up the kids and find coffee.
I did yard work weed eated which may not sound like a big deal but it was the first time this year and our place is big then I mowed the lawn. We had another baby boy today but his mom was not sure what she did so we had to coax him on so hopefully tomorrow all will be good. I went to a card making night then I left the card night early to go to a school board meeting came home all my kids were still up had tea and now bed.
I am going for lunch to my neighbors tomorrow which I completely forgot about until one of them phoned me to see if I will pick up my other neighbor.
June is a crazy time of year there is something booked everyday however if I think about it every month is crazy. I will talk to you all soon

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