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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Do you see us here walking we were heading from the other side of the dam we were all looking around exploring then we headed back to my husband and the truck he usually does not join us he has very bad allergies and I think he thinks were nuts on top of it.

I heard some splashing then I heard a rushing fast sound so I looked back and I saw a Mom Moose barreling down the hill side with a calf I thin the baby came first and that made the mom run at full speed. Well I called the kids to look we all watched tried to get a photo but the mom took off at full speed then poor baby could not get out of the water. Finally he made and grunted all the way up the hill calling his mom. Now the on top of that being majorly cool the unreal thing was we had just left that spot all of us with the dogs. Oh my goodness could you imagine if the kids had been over their when Momma Moose came running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here we are walking down we were up at 22 km it was really neat we quite enjoyed it the boys and I walked down for quite a while but my knees were hurting so bad I had to stop. We found some very fun rocks and the kids really seem to enjoy the time out
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