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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Today has been a very emotional day a good friend of my two oldest children was in an accident his truck rolled around 8 times and he was thrown from the vehicle. Thank God he is alive my kids spent some time with him and his family tonight. It really through my oldest son for a loop. I spent all day with the phone worrying about my son who went out to find his friends truck and he spent time with the boys family.
I am slowly getting my deck back to normal and my glass room is coming along.
Today my mom got me a wonderful surprise she bought me a male Canary with a very wild hairdo I will take a picture when he is settled. Poor guy sat on his swing and yawned. We saw Canary's in Switzerland that were in an outside cage and we were walking around one morning waiting to get on the bus and I said Hey I here canaries and we found a cage full of birds just a yodeling so now I have my own Swiss yodeler. I can't wait to hear him sing.
I walked 6.4 km tonight while some of my family watched the Stanley cup. I am off to bed my one son has to be at the school by 7am.

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