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Saturday, June 21, 2008

We had so much fun checking out nature
My youngest daughter and I were standing next to a small Saskatoon bush when a bird flew out of and we said to each other "did you see that" after a few minutes she looked in the bush and found this perfect little nest with four very beautiful blue eggs in it. It was just an amazing day with what we saw. The blue of the eggs was awesome.
It is hard to tell in this photo but this is a huge bear paw that we followed in the mud. It did make us look over a shoulder a bit.

Our dogs enjoyed the day out scouting around with the boys.
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Anonymous said...

Gig, all these photos are great. I love seeing all the photos of up there. Looks like you guys had fun! Poor Buzter having to sit in the truck and miss out on the adventure. Maybe next time he could wear his doctors mask.