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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mom needed coffee but she headed in there before we could tell her ...
Is that not the most beautiful sight.

Today we sheared the goats, cut feet, sheared Alpacas and a Llama it was along day but it is done! Then we had KFC last month my mom had given us some money to go out for supper so instead of going out we bought KFC enough for all of us we had 12 people there was us 8 plus 3 boys who helped and my daughters boyfriend we bought the party pack plus we made extra fries and bought extra chicken. My youngest son was starving he was actually shoveling his food quite sad he was so hungry. During our day of shearing we had a baby goat born in the midst of it all and we found out we have 4 more to have in the next week. I did not think it would be a big deal but I have a horrendous schedule with School activities. Then after supper I had to go out and finish the last of the feet trimming, move the baby Alpacas and I had a little time to garden. Well I am off to bed. Have any of you made your 20 wishes yet!!!!
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