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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Every night I have to go over my blog because I can not remember which pictures I have posted. If any of you are sick of the trip pictures well don't be my family loves to see them and we are all so scattered and some of them have dial up or slow Internet so this way each of them can just log on and come on my trip with me. Today we went to the crazy Olympics at my younger kids school. It was so cold we absolutely froze but we had fun. My youngest carried the torch and ran through the gym in slow motion (remember crazy Olympics). It gave me the goose bumps imagine if one day he really was in the Olympics for his running, actually I don't think my nerves could handle it. We had to come home and light the fire to unthaw. They say it is suppose to snow tonight and tomorrow. WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went for my walk tonight and I did 6.4 km I decided I am going to keep track and see how far I can go. Maybe it will inspire my children. Still no work I wonder how much longer.
I am reading a book called 20 wishes it is quite a nice book to read maybe we all should make a list of 20 wishes and see how it changes our lives for the better.
Talk to you all tomorrow when you go to sleep tonight think about your 20 wishes...

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