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Friday, June 20, 2008

Today was a busy day I was up before 5am left home at 6:30 to go on a school trip with my youngest daughter. We had a fun day the kids were all so goo I think there was about 36, 7 teachers/helpers and quite a few parents. We went to a fun castle were the kids could go cart, play arcade games then they won tickets they could cash in.
We got back to the school just after 8pm so as soon as I do this post off to bed for me. My kids are all scattered two in town camping and two over at friends tonight. It is so much nicer with summer holidays starting much more relaxed around here. We have just 4 more school days to get through then fun!!!
We are still waiting on a goat and an Alpaca it will be good to be finished.
Tomorrow is the first day of summer so I must go to bed and think of something fun to do.

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