Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Ice Cube
First baby of 2009. Born at -20 then dropped to -22. She was born at midnight. If you look at her ears they were frozen.
Within five minute she was covered with ice. So she was put a jacket on and brought into the house. She is now with her Mom.
We just had two more born in the ice and snow. Not in the nice warm little house or on all the hay. I think those Moms try to make it as hard as possible. Very difficult bunch of girls. Both ladies who had are Movie Stars and boy do they act like it. So my husband came home to a goat and two doves in the house. I think he is getting used to it. He does not even acknowledge them anymore.
We were at hockey awards last night. All the kids won awards. Nish went up three times. She won two awards ad a prize for an hour. massage. Miss Hyacinth won goalie for junior girls. She was the first won to go up for the night. Then Dalt he won MVP for Bantam house. Sam won ambassador for Atom Development. Tanisha won most dedicated and time keeping award. Then her prize.The coaches said really nice things about all of them. I did feel a bit awkward as I had to go up each time to take photo's. I went up nearly every group. I do believe I went up one of the most:)
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Anonymous said...

that's a big healthy looking baby.
I guess they will be coming steady now. Nice pi of the lamb in the polar fleece.

Sunflower Farm said...

Yes it is a good size. the next two are not quite as big. It is so cold for them.

freshisle said...

So precious!
It's still cold here too. Our farmers are saying it will be a late shearing.

Sunflower Farm said...

Winter is dragging out. It is just so cold. I wonder what our summer will be like.