Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I need to go to bed. I have to wait until 10 am. We were very busy I drove to town in a snow storm. I am so sick of this very long winter. I took children to school picked up my daughter. We were on our pond today. We moved a lot of rock it amazes me how many huge rocks we imported...not very smart. After our pond work and I might add I am not even close to being done. We had a wiener roast. We sent a SOS to my husband to buy hot dogs, buns and chips. It was a cold bleak day but we had fun. I am sure our backs will pay tomorrow.

After school I picked up the kids in town. Then we came home and went for a 6.4km walk. I felt very tired near the end. I think it was the howling wind it made our eyes water and ears ring.

This week so far we have walked 5km, 5km and 6.4km. I really should keep track of it and see how far I walk. I did start writing it down but I usually end up forgetting.

My older kids had sad news today a boy they went to school with died. I don't know details but it was not nice. Poor family it must be horrible one can not even imagine it. What gets you to the point of ending it all. Life is to precious.

My Mom comes home tonight. She has been in Texas. My dad and oldest son went to pick her up.

Our trip is coming closer. It is hard to believe I will be visiting my oldest sister real soon. Gosh I hope there won't be a tsunami. I might pack water jacket rubber dingy... I think I might get to see a volcano, lavender farm and the goat farm.
Panic !!! I just lost this post. Thank goodness it saves itself. I am off to bed now.


freshisle said...

Oh, a trip. Very exciting. Where to? Maybe you'll get some rest and relaxation, too.

Sunflower Farm said...

We are off to Maui. My mom has a place there and my sister lives there. It should be fun I have never been.

freshisle said...

Now I'm even more jealous!
How wonderful and especially since you have family there.

Sunflower Farm said...

Yes it should be fun I have never been.