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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This is Kitty Kitty Black. Look how clever he is

Resting or actually we were trying to trick a goat. We did not trick it she one.

Feeding the baby Alpacas and sheep
Today we went to Kamloops. It was an impulse trip. My husband did not have to work so we thought we would go together. I had to laugh my oldest daughter caught wind we were going so she came along. She loves a trip to Kamloops. My oldest son picked up the other kids from school and brought Sam in for hockey However we did not make it to hockey. Last night Sam ran into the wall. The wall trim with the Mosaic. He cut his leg. Tonight we took him to the doctor and he said he needed stitches. So we met him at the hospital and seven stitches later he is sewn up. Not a good week to have stitches a hand ball tournament and a hockey play off tournament. I guess Sam can decide on Thursday and Friday if he thinks he can play. If he wants to try we will wrap up his knee for him.
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freshisle said...

What a great kitty shot!
All that water. We're supposed to get rain late this week and maybe it will take some of our snow away.