Monday, March 23, 2009

No time tonight for a long post I am paying bills which is not fun. I hate to do it. Waste of time. sigh but no one else to do it. I went to town this morning at 7:30 to take kids to school. Came home at visited Dad did chores then headed off to town to pick up Nana from work. We did a bit of shopping went for a great walk. Then I picked up kids came home did chores made supper and sigh paid bills.
We are going to get the insurance on Nana's car so then I won't have to go to town so much. We are very lucky Allan is still working not much but still hauling. I wish we could do this all through break up but it is coming to an end.
We are still waiting on the last few goats slow, slower than molasses I tell you. We are feeding just one still. I have to run and finish February's computer work. So I will talk to you all later.

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