Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Morning I sweep of my house has happened again. All kids have found more hockey sigh I have decided do not fight it we are a hockey family.... Oldest son reffing the next two days then he will play on Sat / Sun. Middle daughter working in concession nine am until five pm. then five pm until ten tonight. Youngest son playing right now, Middle son two tournaments this weekend youngest daughter just finished a tournament.
We did a quick trip to Kamloops yesterday it was fast as husband needed sleep and I had barn watch. The last few goats are holding out.
It has warmed up it is a muddy mess with water ice and snow mixed in. I will quite happy when it is all dried up.
My house is a mess as my daughter is still moving rooms now of course no one is home this weekend and then school so it may be awhile for her to finish!!!
I won't post any pictures for awhile as the main computer is down. It will take me while to get the new one up and running. I still have to go back to Kamloops to pick it up.
I have started to walk again on the tread mill since I have been sick only half an hour or a little more at a slower pace. Soon I hope to be able to get outside and go for my usual walk. I just do not have time right now!
Well must run I am going to put baby goat outside today. I hope she will be okay. I still have one in the barn who is not doing well. I am actually not sure if he will make it. I can only get drops of milk into to him.
Well must run I see sunshine. Take Care


freshisle said...

Hope you're feeling better!
Our hockey season ended just last week. I'm kind of glad - no more sleepy kids at school because of those late games!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried a syringe of Cherry Brandy? And one for the baby goat too.
Nice to hear everyone is busy and 1/2 hour on the tread mill is fine. Don't over do it. It could be what got you sick.
What if the oldest one wants to move back? The Barn?

Sunflower Farm said...

Yup hockey is over for the younger kids. Oldest son is still finding ice.
IF she wants to come home I always have room. The Barn! it is clean