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Monday, March 02, 2009

This is what happens when a foot of snow meets rain and sun.

Water everywhere, Flooding, Wet animals.

Right after this picture was taken he slipped in. Remember this is not clean water. This is the barn yard!

Today we did chores by six am then we drove into to school. It was raining so hard. After dropping the kids off at their schools I met up with Nana at her new home.They have it quite nice. It really is coming together nicely. We went to find some things they needed. Then we went for a walk. After our walk we came home. Checked the animals no babies. I did some house work while Nana packed up the rest of her stuff. We drove back into town I had a bank meeting. We bought Nana some groceries. While I waited for the kids to get out of the school I parked the van and went for a walk around the track. Not a smart thing to do. The ground is way too soft I sunk.
My son is in Kamloops having an interview for fire fighting. His interview was a t 10:30 am and his beep test is at eight tonight. It is quite stressful. I think he said there is around five hundred and forty interviews and only forty jobs. Pretty tough. I hope he makes it forest fire fighting last year was so good for him. Cross your fingers for him and send him some positive vibes!!!!
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Anonymous said...

YAY for Nana!
Good luck Jordan!
Sorry 'bout your luck Sam!!