Sunday, March 22, 2009

It is so hard to believe it is a year ago since we went on our incredible trip. I lost my pictures on my other computer but I did have them backed up on another hard drive.
Well I was not going to put them in the new one but I was lost without my trip pictures. So I know most of you have seen this but I really loved this place.
I also wanted to test and see if I could put pictures up.
I have had it. I am so tired I can't move. As soon as I have done this I am hitting the shower and going to bed. I am not sure if I am getting sick again or just plain tired from working all day. We had a full, full weekend of hockey the boys are happy. Oldest boy's team came first and he won all star of tournament I think I heard him say he got over ten goals. Middle boy came second plus he had five goals. He lost in over time 5-6 won of his own team mates scored on their own net. Youngest boy I am not sure what he placed he went either goalie or player. When he was player he won best defence. NO no luck he still wants to be a goalie.
Mt husband was at the arena all weekend left at four thirty am and not return until late late late. I did not go I was having company plus I had so many jobs to do. Well off to bed have a great night.
Ps I need your emails . You can send them and I will not post them on the comments.
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Anonymous said...

funny:) looks just like Nicola Lake!