Friday, March 20, 2009

Rain now we get rain! We have had no more babies so our count is still the same. Slow they are sure holding out. Our one little boy finally started sucking tonight. So lets hope he is not too far gone and will make it. It has been a long haul with him. His mom sure loves him though. We tagged most of the babies today. We just did not do the two little ones and the sick boy. The babies all look so pretty yellow tags for the girls and orange for the boys very spring like. We also tagged the Movie stars who had their tags taken out. Dalton is amazing he knows who is who and which goat belongs to whom. Not me they all look the same.
Today I worked outside all day. I am very tired we raked burned shoveled. We are getting the yard ready for the Easter bunny visit. Good thing he visits in the Spring it is the only thing that motivates us after the mess of winter.
We have separated our front yard with a temporary fence but do you think I could keep the dogs off this side. I think I figured it out today.
I am having a terrible time staying awake. I just drove my daughter in for the concession she is suppose to be there until eleven thirty. Who eats concession food until eleven thirty.... Then I have to go in an hour for Dalton who is coming home from Summer land from hockey. Then again tonight for Nish. So on that note I am going to make coffee.

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