Sunday, March 29, 2009

We have raked, shoveled, pushed, lifted tractor load after tractor load. We have cleaned outside. And do you know what? I really am not sure it looks any better. Oh my gosh the mess the wasted hay it is never ending.
We have good Moms, dumb Moms and ignorant Moms. Our new Mom takes the one of the babies and sits there and hits it with her horn or she bites it and throws it down. We are waiting on three more. I am off we still have a little unfinished work in the barn. Then I must go to bed. Tomorrow we have a full heavy work day. Thirty six animals to shear. It feels a little over whelming but we will manage.


Lynne said...

Once everything starts to green up you will see a difference. Hang in there, spring will come one of these days.

Sunflower Farm said...

It has warmed up a bit now. I wonder if it will last.