Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nisha's Snowman family

This was our morning. Snow, Snow, Snow bloody Snow. I am so sick of Winter. My babies are cold, My moms are wet. And now the shearer is coming. Way too cold for my goats.
We waited out the snow so we left after 10am to go to Kelowna. The roads were good no snow over there . Yet it was still not a nice day weather wise.
We had fun we only had Dalt today but don't worry he was as loud as having all six. I said to my husband we will just have to get used to not having all our kids with us anymore. Dalt pipes up you will always have me!!! He tells me he is not leaving. I remember telling Mom and Dad that. We all still live at the same place. :) My parents are so lucky I never left...maybe I will remind them
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