Sunday, March 08, 2009

I have been having computer issues so I have had to skip the odd day blogging. However at the moment we are back in the game. We are having a full weekend of hockey but now it is winding down. Sam could not play as you know because of his stitches. It does look to be healing nicely. He went to Chase to watch and the night before he had a sleep over with his oldest sister. They watched movies until eleven and ate ice cream.

Our weather has been horrible! Snow! Snow! Snow! The roads are so slippery. I had a terrible time with the van sliding sideways not being able to stop other people sliding my way. Very scary. I refuse to drive anymore I parked in a safe spot and waited for my husband to pick me up. Then I came home and I am not leaving until it melts. My poor husband is so sick of us. I know he thought I was being dramatic with the roads. Well that was until he went to leave and he could not get up to the highway slid, spun out did a360 near the edge looking over a drop off at the river. He made it back down and turned around and had to go into to town the other way. My one stayed in town as his truck was sliding all over. Oh my gosh I need spring.
I have just received seventy pairs of 100% sheep's wool socks. Anyone intersted! they are beige in colour. We still have a few Mohair socks. The Mohair socks old quite well. Men really like to wear them for work. Okay I am off to check goats.
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