Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The days sure have a way of going by quickly. This morning I drove my kids to school, came home had coffee with Dad, did chores. Then went to pick Nana up from work. While I was waiting for her I bought the kids the new Hannah Montana CD. They really liked it. I hope to take them to the movie in April.
I went for a walk with Nana. I am not sure but we think it is around 5km. I will have to go measure it. We have to keep walking we are registered to walk in April in Kamloops. Sam, Nana and Hyacinth are walking 5km and me I am walking 12km. My other daughter may join us but she has to see if she makes the soccer team and to see if she is going to be around.
Today I washed our van. The salt does terrible things to her. I can not wait until we can put on our nice tires. However I have no desire to hit snow in wide summer tires.
My husband is working horrible hours. He looks really tired I feel very sorry for him. We are grateful he is still working but it takes a lot out of him.
I am off to bed. It is amazing how early morning comes.

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