Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Waiting patiently

Shearing day is a long day.This year it was long and cold. At one point you think it will never end. I had on two coats and two shirts.
We were so tired at the end of the day. It felt like bed time would never come.
Today I went to town to visit my daughter. We went for our 5km walk. It was so cold. I have decided the global warming people are wrong there is no such thing as "warming" I do believe maybe an ice age!!!!!!!
It is suppose to snow tonight...Why not!
I came home from town to two new born goats half dead. I think they will make it now. I have them warming up in a heated box. I keep putting them in with their Mom as I do not want any bottle babies.
I emailed the people in Vancouver that run the Marathon. If I wanted to go in 2010 with my Nordic Poles I would have to do the 42.2km. That would be to town and back from our house. I wonder if I could do it. Maybe I will research it and see how one goes about training.
Well off to try to get some kids to bed it is not looking to promising.
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freshisle said...

It IS a long day! But so worth it for those beautiful locks.