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Friday, March 06, 2009

Waiting for babies and I hope they hold on for awhile. It is way too cold. We seem to have an never ending supply of winter it will not go away. We have our barn ready, camera on and heat lamp waiting.
Today was a full day of running around. I drove kids to school came home headed back to to town and picked up my daughter. We were to meet the telephone man but he came early. So I stayed and helped Nana put up pictures and put things away.
Tonight Sam is having a sleep over at Nana's. I bet he sleeps with her neither one of them is very brave. When they phoned they were having ice cream and watching a movie. Miss Hyacinths is in Kelowna at a tournament with her Uncle. Sam of course can not play but he is going to watch tomorrow. Dalt is in a tournament here and he is borderline snively. I think he may be getting sick. Jord is in a tournament in Ashcroft. And Nish time keeps and has a game in Logan Lake. However the good side to this is hockey is nearly over!!!!!:) I am happy however kids are not so happy. So now that I have heard from all my kids I am off to bed.
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