Monday, March 16, 2009

A very Tiny baby

This little girl was born with her twin brother tonight. The picture just does not show how tiny she is. I am not sure if she will make it yet but Dalton is cuddling with her on the couch. Her brother is out at the barn under the heat lamp with two other new babies. In another hour or so we will go out and and try feeding them for the night. I hate late nights I get so tired. At least we are getting kidding over with. I look forward to the babies but this year the weather has just been so cold. Plus I have been sick so going out four times a night with a fever is not to much fun! We are at (I think) 14 babies.

She is a little droopy

Look at this cute face!
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freshisle said...

Unbelievably tiny. Wow. Poor wee thing!