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Monday, January 12, 2009

Birthday dinner

Trying their luck at pool
Having fun at Uncle Beaners and Auntie Sue
Deep in thought

Having fun

Looking beautiful
Today I drove my daughter to work. I brought Mimzy to town with me. We went to the park with the walking trail and did two full laps around. I think it is 2 1/2 km. Mimzy did awesome he was so proud of himself. Mimzy is my daughter Chihuahua who is on a New Years weight loss program.... he is a little over weight and since is a father to 6 he needs to look good. And you know how neutering is puts weight right on you. He was so happy with himself he fell asleep on my purse right beside me all the way home.
I have caught up on all my books. It is such a good feeling. It was not even in my plans but I did it.
I worked in my studio for about an hour today. Wrote some thank you cards worked a bit on my Christmas book and started to think about my hand print journal. I had great inspiration on a little box my friend gave me. I am going to make a memory box with our sand and shells from our holiday. Now I think I will head of to bed. Have a pleasant night.
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Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Sam look like a gangster. If I tried to wash our cat I tell you there would be hair balls flying!

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