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Friday, January 30, 2009

The older kids enjoyed a day off today and a few had it yesterday. It is semester change. This semester they are just finishing actually went pretty smooth. I hope the next one is nice and mellow also.
My middle son had a friend out for two days. During the boys two day visit they skated, tobogganed, put together roll away chicken boxes. They spent most of the time with the chickens. It was actually quite clever they put two set of roll way egg boxes together by themselves. The big excitement was the hens actually use them. We have had three eggs in the boxes now. My youngest son also had a buddy out to skate and play. Along with my daughters boyfriend and oldest son's friend. Now tonight after the hockey game my middle daughter is having a friend. So there is a lot of extra kids coming and going.
Tomorrow our middle daughter plays in west side at nine thirty so that means we have to leave the house by six thirty. I think I am going to go. however if I go that means my oldest son is in charge of the three other kids who all have games plus concession duty.
Not a whole lot of creativity has been going on lately unless you consider my clean house creative. Honestly there has not been one second of time the whole week. Well I must run and put two bad puppies to bed. Have a good night.

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