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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today our day was busy but also good. I was just getting ready to leave for hockey this morning when I was greeted to water running down the hall. It was quite the good stream coming at full speed. I shouted for towels and we used every towel we could find. This has never happened in all the years of living here. That is until last spring after we put our new flooring in. It is like they are a magnet for trouble. The water was the washing machine. I was washing Miss Hyacinths lovely feather pillows. Which by the way don't do they float do not sink when wet so the water just flowed right off them onto the floor and out the laundry room straight to my room. I'm guessing the house must lean that way. This is being done because of c a t s... which involves her brand new bedding.
By the way don't wash feather duvet's in the machine either...?
Today was spent by me cleaning, cleaning , cleaning all day you would think we were pigs. There is so much to do all the time it never quits. For instance I just hung up the phone from middle daughter who is suppose to be at Grandmas in ten minutes . Here Dad has gone to pick her up but she just this minute left Penticton. Did I mention we live over 20 miles from town. I am sure that won't go over well.
Good things are my son's grad pictures came in and our now just waiting for a frame and to be hung. Oldest son put together a cup board for me now I am going to rearrange my studio. I will take pictures for you in a few days. The boys cleaned out their chickens and they have now recieved four eggs from those Golden hens. My floors are very clean due to the river rushing down them this morning. My four new fish are still alive it is day three. My oldest daughter drove today first time all winter.
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I love Spring Pictures.