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Thursday, January 22, 2009

How cool is this check it out!

This is a copy from the blog of freshisle I will try to get the web address.

Magnificent Mohair
I have been keeping a secret. A most wonderful secret. I have a new yarn.

It is perhaps the loveliest yarn I have ever knit with. It is so soft, easy to knit, and slides along the needles like a dream. It's hard to stop knitting with it! A few, lucky friends have knit with it and declare it to be very, very addictive.
I'm not sure what the best part of this yarn is - the actual yarn or it's story. It's from British Columbia, processed in Alberta, and dyed in Ontario (by me!) - a truly Canadian yarn.
I've decided to call it Triple M Mohair for Manitoulin, Merritt, and Marian but that could easily be magnificent, marvelous mohair, too. It's a 2 ply light, worsted weight yarn that is 70% kid mohair and 30% wool. Total luxury.

Some has now been dyed into the popular self-striping watermelon with slight adjustments because of the yarn weight difference and I've knit mittens and the most cozy Fuzzy Feet. The mittens are incredibly soft and are becoming softer and slightly fulled with every wear. Triple M Mohair felted easily and these are the warmest slippers.
It's my standard mitten pattern with 3.5 mm needles instead of 4 mm, and Fuzzy Feet, from Knitty, knit with 6 mm needles instead of the suggested 7 mm. One skein completed the Fuzzy Feet and a little less than half a skein completed the mittens.

There are a precious few skeins now available in the shop but although there is a limited supply, more will be coming. That is if I can stop knitting up all of it myself!

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