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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do they not look cute when they are sleeping. Don't let them fool you they totally ruin my house. The black cat is over twenty pounds the cream is just plain rotten. I could so sent her to live outside but I can't Dalt totally loves her. Maybe she will settle after she gets spayed at the end of February.
I love these treasures. I have so many special things that I love . I have showed these before in different photos. I always love to show them again and again.
Star fish amaze me as long as I do not have to touch them. Even like this I can not pick them up. They make me shiver.

Full days of traveling back and forth all day long. I had a school meeting at lunch time today which went well. I had to take kids to exams, take kids to work, pick kids up, take kids to hockey!...!! Not too much is getting done. However my middle daughter did says I was contributing to her future. I say I am just using gas lot and lots of gas. I am off to have tea. Then read for a bit and then find my bed after my daughter calls. Have a great night
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