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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Last week we finished cleaning all our cup boards out. It is funny when one cleans one spot we seem to mess several more. Then it feels we are no farther ahead.
I am absolutely knackered tonight. How will I ever go to sleep. We have the bread maker on and it is in it's final stage and smells sooooo good! The bread making job is my youngest son's job. Sam takes a lot of pride in his bread and he eats most of it!
My arms are so sore and I have grout up my finger nails. I made three bird houses today plus my husband cut me out of ply wood five house shapes. I was using grout tonight and to spread it I was using my fingers. I had to put a lot of pressure on to get it to stick and now my arms ache. We were up early this morning our house was so cold. I had a bath by five am to warm up the bathroom. I will need to set my alarm for around three am to put wood in tonight. If my husband puts wood in at midnight when he goes then I hope to put wood in at three. I am hoping it will last until five am.
Well am honestly too tired to write anymore. I will check up on you all tomorrow. I have to go to a ski meeting for Sam tomorrow night then I should be home.
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