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Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter Fun

I just love this photo. I may have even showed this photo to you all already.
Here are some photo's enjoying the snow
A mountain of fun
Trying to be cute. This snow hill has given the kids hours of fun.
A little skating

A very crazy day. My day started at 5:30am we were up ready for school and out the door at 7:15am. My daughter was going to drive today. I figured I would just drive her save a trip and pick her up after. Well it would have worked if I had not been wrong on the time. We were an hour early and nothing to do in town so we had hot chocolate and a donut in the Wal mart parking lot. I then came home and nicely changed back into work clothes. I was just getting into a routine with laundry, dish washer just general cleaning. When the phone rings and my middle boy is not feeling well and wants to come home!!! Now I am in a panic as I have to head back in at 2:00pm any ways. So I get my oldest son to pick middle son at school on his lunch break. He then takes him to Grandma's in town. However middle son wants me so I have to rush. I phone my Mom and Dad and tell I was leaving and I won't be home until later tonight. Now non of this is no big deal if you have some where to go while you are in town. I head to my Mother in laws and my middle son is sound asleep. So I sit and visit and wait and wait. The middle boy then wakes up he has Turkey soup and we leave to go get our oldest daughter from work and drop her off at her boyfriends. I then have to head back out of town to pick up Sam then arrange to pick up other kids. We now have to decide what to do we decided to stay in town. So back to my Mother In laws I don't think she is sick of us yet. We hang out there I feed the kids sub sandwiches that I bought earlier. At four thirty I grab my kids and my nephews and head to the arena. We stay at the arena until 7:20 then finally come home. Now that was my day.
Granted I did leave out a lot of dramatics.
Like shopping at our Wal mart is always a pleasant experience... I can not write about them as my daughter works there and I do not want any grief for her. All I will say if we had any where else to shop I would. However our Town is pretty limited and it does usually have the best prices.
So the silver lining of a stressful day. I had a nice visit with my Mother in Law, talked to my niece twice in one day, had a coffee with Mom and Dad this morning, I had a quick visit with my husbands Aunt and cousin.
So now I am off to finish my tea and brace myself with the same type of day again tomorrow.
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Anonymous said...

nice pics Gig and an exhausting day. Too bad Pooh & I didn't still live there for your visits! It makes me miss our old house!