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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Making Sushi I'm not sure on how to spell that. We went to Grandma's and the girls were taught how to make Sushi
They had quite a lot of fun making it. They even ate it


The weather has warmed up to ten above today. Amazing how warm it is. The roof is dripping snow melting. The highways closed from mud slides, avalanche warnings. That make all the traffic come onto our road. It was so busy. We went into town did some banking, went for a walk, grocery shopped and came home. We had a quick meal then off to hockey. I was able to come home after the first ice time as my oldest son said he would bring home the other two. Well I may write more in the morning but I am off to bed. Have a pleasant night.
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Jane said...

We are big fans of sushi here,my brother has a sushi factory so sometimes we are lucky enough to get trays to eat.I loved the picture of your out door rink,beautiful.I took Anna my 14 yr old and her friend to the only indoor ice rink for our whole province yest. They laughed at me the whole time as I "skated" around the edge,didnt let go once.I was very familiar with the other rink which is being rebuilt but at this one I just felt nervous......................

Aloysius said...

I was surfing the blog world and came across your quaint spot. Your farm is very interesting and yet, you still enjoy doing asian food. MY family also enjoy eating sushi. my site is and for blog, its