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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Tonight I was going through the bag of bits of paper I brought home from our trip last spring. Now I never said I was a good traveler. I usually get pathetically homesick and I just don't go. I am amazed how far away from home I was. Granted I could not hop on a bus and come home. Well when I looked at this stuff it was just napkins brochures etc no pictures. Anyway I had this deep down homesick feeling. It was because I thought of how my husbands and kids dropped us off and just left. They did not know they would still have to pay the same for parking if they had stayed. So they came back into the airport to see us and could not find us. Then they left again. Knowing this now makes me for some reason feel sick. I am so glad I did not know it. I would have never made my trip.
We had a wonderful trip we saw so much. I am going to start the process of starting albums. In all honesty I do not know where to start! Should I start from when we left until we arrived home. Or. Go with each country now remember we went to many, many countries. I am thinking countries would be easier as I would not have to remember the order. In have of my bits of paper I can not read a word too loss to me. Also should I just keep photographs separate from bit of my paper brochures? I will still think on this however I may be eighty before I figure it out.
We had a very, very busy day today. The wind bit right through you and the arena was freezing. When I came home from hockey our bedroom was only 12 above Celsius. When I left our kitchen was only 57 Fahrenheit. Different thermometer read two different ways. Well I must run the kids will be home and I am sure they will want food!!!
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