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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More home pictures

More pretties ( I don't even think that is a word)
A lovely collection from my Mom
Beautiful clock
Today we took our oldest daughter to Kamloops to have her wisdom teeth looked at. She has an appointment on February 3. We want to get them done as soon as possible while she is still on our dental. We will not know for three weeks what they will cover. For some reason we did not even think it would cost the actual cost is 1536.00 plus we had to pay 169.00 cash today.
We had a slower trip over roads were not too bad but Kamloops was snowy. I am so glad I was not driving . My husband came home early and drove us.
Our daughter decided she needed to go to Lu Lu lemon it is a holiday pop up store that is only there for five more days. We bought a couple of things. We put our name in a draw. When we were home I ran a bath and hoped in. Right then I guess the phone rang it was Lu Lu lemon saying that I had won the draw. Nothing like getting busted for shopping I won a two class yoga class in Kamloops. I have five days to pick it up. I ave no idea when and how I will get back there. I have no idea how I will take two Yoga classes an hour and half away!
You know I did have an itchy hand today and I told everyone I was going to win some money. I guess winning two yoga classes count. Well I am off. Talk to you all soon
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freshisle said...

Congratulations! I've never done yoga but I think it's supposed to be wonderfully relaxing and good for you.