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Friday, January 02, 2009

Learning to ski

Over the holidays he said he wanted to learn to ski. So off he went
He actually was doing okay
Until this...
He did not break anything
Today we left quite early to go to Kamloops. Usually when we go we are rushing and can only go to a couple of stores. Today we had the whole day. We left just after 8am and returned home at 7pm. We looked in a lot of stores diddle - daddled and no rush. The roads were quite good we did not rush just took our time. On our way home we dropped our middle daughter off at the hockey game and Jord will bring her home. It was so busy in Kamloops the line ups were crazy in some stores the line up was so bad we just put our buying's back. It was not worth the line up.
When were driving over I had said I would love to see a Moose today and not two seconds later there was a beautiful big Bull moose standing under a tree. They are really lovely animals. As soon as my kids get home from the hockey game I am off to bed. Our truck has to be in Kamloops by 9am and we have a hockey game in Chase ( one and half hours or one and forty five minutes away at 1:30pm. Our Vehicles are having issues the truck keeps stalling and Betsy our van is spitting up Anti freeze she would be the one that just had to have a new fuel pump last month. Sigh ... I wish we had a new one. Well I am off have a good night enjoy the weekend before school goes back in.
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