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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Miss Hyacinth's dessert. It looks a little sickly!

Miss Hyacinth is taking cooking in school. She was taught to make cheese biscuits. So she came home and made them for our dinner. It was perfect as I had made Chili this night.
The kids are so proud of themselves when they learn to cook.
Today we spent the whole day cleaning right after chores. I came in from outside and I started on the cupboards. We went through the whole kitchen it was a lot of work we through out a lot of rubbish. It is amazing how much better the cupboards look. I do hope it lasts. Tomorrow I will make a box for the thrift shop and then the rest is garbage. So many bags I know I will have to pay a lot to go to the dump.It will be so worth it. I have one china cupboard, plus three more in the living room to do.
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