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Friday, January 23, 2009

Using new cutlery. My kids says it makes them feel rich.
I have a silver set, this gold set and another set of silver that has several different pieces.

Making granola yesterday. We go through a lot of granola in our house we eat it with oranges and yogurt.
Today I am pretty sure I did not accomplish much. After chores I made cookies did laundry then it was off to town. I picked up kids delivered hockey equipment and that was the day.
Tomorrow we have four hockey games so that will be all we get done.
To add to our stress list. The man my husband hauls for told him to spend no money during break up (for those of you who don't know spring break up is where the shut the bush down until the roads dry up) sometimes break up can be short three weeks or as long as six months. Last year for us we went from a pay cheque for our truck in March and not again until the end of July! He told my husband the mill is laying off workers and he does not know where his seniority is!!!!!! I knew that would be when it would get us. So if it does affect us I think my husband will plan to find work and maybe if he has to go away for work. It is usually somewhere between March, April May. I won't worry yet just start making plans. Well I am off to make tea have a great night. I will talk to you all soon
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