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Monday, January 26, 2009

Part two of the Fairy book

The white fairy pages are probably my favorite.

I love the sparkle that was added
Each page has a pocket that has a pile of pull out pieces.
It was so cold this morning. It did warm up a bit when the sunshine came out. I was setting up a weather station outside and the cold felt like it was burning my fingers. It was a amazing how the cold hurt. Then when I came in to put wood in I burnt the end of my finger while putting wood in. That would be the fingers I had just froze outside. Ahh no happy medium
Today while I was tiding I found some lovely rocks. I love to find a good treasures. I have rocks, crystals, amethyst everywhere in our home and yet it is still exciting to find more! Well I am off to get little people ready for bed.

Today is a very special day It is my little nieces birthday. So Happy Birthday Gabrielle I hope your day was full of fun and cake.
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Anonymous said...

The fairy book looks like a happy book.

Anonymous said...

The fairy book is absolutely beautiful. Be sure it is willed to me! (Your niece that is!)